Friday, February 2, 2007

Substitute Teaching

I subbed today for a high school study hall teacher. In my high school, we didn't have teachers specifically for study hall, and I'm not altogether certain what to think.
However, I did quite a lot of writing today. Because I was a sub, and I didn't care, I told them that they could talk quietly, and that if I had to told them to quiet down more than twice, they would have to spend the rest of the period sitting quietly. Guess what? It worked. I had four/five classes that talked quietly. The fifth class, was warned twice, and then they decided that if they were talking to me, then I probably wouldn't be too upset about their talking. They were right. We had a fun 20-minute game where they tried to guess my name. After the first five minutes, they kept asking me to just tell them, but by then I was too amused to do so.

It was nice to wake up early this morning. I used to do it all the time in high school and college. (Making it sound like that was long ago. Yeah, not.) But really, I think I have to blame it on third shift at steak 'n shake. I mean, take Mondays for example. I would work from midnight to seven, though steak 'n shake considered it Sunday. Then a nine o'clock class, and then I would sleep for thirty minutes or so before going to have lunch with the Boy (though this was an 'every other week' kinda deal on Mondays). I would get home, sleep for an hour or so, and then do my homework for my night class. The Boy would call during the night class, and then I would call him back on my way home. Three hours of sleep, back to work. Yeah, and if you're working third shift often enough, you can't sleep that shift, so you end up at work even if you're not working; especially if your roomie is there. And then... not sleeping at night, and struggling to sleep during the day, you're tired. And tiredness became a habit. So, I forgot how much I like to wake up early. Gee, that was a rather long and stupid explanation. Eh.

And, I'm watching "Intolerable Cruelty," though hopefully not for long. *Wants to do something.* I like this movie, though not as much as Zorro. (Note: Catherine Zeta Jones.) The Portuguese roomie informed me I like her because she's "Fairy Tale Princess" pretty, not "realistic, grow to think she's prettier the more you see her" pretty like Angelina Jolie. But that's not of any consequence here. It's just that movies with either of those actresses make me think of the Portuguese roomie... Speaking of, wish I could watch Zorro. Too bad my non-regional dvd player is broken. Too bad Zorro's region 2. Dang it.

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