Saturday, June 30, 2007

Men and talking to the Roomie

I somehow managed to get online at just the right time to talk to one of my roommates from Paris, Euridice, today. I miss her. She's the kind of friend who, even after eight months of not talking, you can pick it up right away. She nearly died two weeks ago, so I'm glad we're able to talk at all (driving and ran into the rails of a railroad... car has 2500 Euros of damage), and she's terrified about driving at all, so she's moving closer to where she works. Bye bye living with mom and dad.

I feel bad, she and her boy broke up seven months ago. I had no idea, so I asked about him, of course. She said she broke up with him, and then once she'd calmed down, tried to talk about it, but he said it was better this way.

This led to our discussion about men. Why is it, exactly, that so many of them don't pursue, won't pursue? She was telling me that the "macho latino" stereotype couldn't be further from the truth... unless he already knows you. Beyond that, it's a matter of trying to catch his eye, just to indicate that you could be interested.

I laughed aloud, because she followed that up with, "I wish I lived in the States, where people go on dates. It's awesome. Men here are afraid, they don't approach you, ever."

And yes, people do go on dates, but it's still hard. It's still hard to get that person's attention, and try to say, "Hey! I'm interested! I'm available!" At least it's hard to do that without making a ninny of oneself.

Women have been trying to gain "equal" footing with men for years. The problem is that now that women have power in the workplace, at the gym, on the road, in politics, men seem threatened by that. I could be wrong, that's just how I see it... men are afraid to approach women, they're afraid to put their foot through the door.

Euridice opened up a whole new part to it too: pornography.

Porn was, at one time, though readily available, still hard to actually get one's hands on. Now, it's everywhere, especially in Europe, where it is, to quote her, "Just around the remote." Granted, in the States there are porn channels, but it's expensive. However, on the internet, it's free. So, women, though we have power, have become dispensible objects... unless one is seeking an actual relationship. And then people don't make a move anyway, because what if it doesn't work?

Friday, June 22, 2007

computer issues

All right, so I realized that I posted already, but I'm having computer issues. I talked to the "nice" lady at Best Buy, so I'll be bringing my computer in on Sunday. Unfortunately, I bought it more than a year ago, so I'm not sure what they'll do.

Granted, my completely-charged computer is shutting down without reason, and that is completely unacceptable. I can and will raise a stink. Just because their products suck doesn't mean that I need to deal with it.


My Uncle sent me this link... A Hopeful Heart.

He's been involved with this stuff for years. When I was really small, I remember seeing all the pictures of the kids with heart problems and other growth/developmental problems from various countries around the world. He just loves helping them. He really does. There was one little girl who had six or seven surgeries over a span of several years... I don't remember her name, I was too young then to really remember her name, but the older kids do, I'm sure. Lydia, maybe. I just remember seeing his excitment as she got better.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm really excited. One of the girls I work with is lending me the 5th season of "Smallville." I just love this show. Not only is Tom Welling incredibly attractive, but the rest of the actors are attractive, as well. That makes me happy.

Ironically, this morning my article for my journalism internship was on "Superman Bedroom Themes." Sometimes, I wonder. I mean, really, how many people are truly interested in things of this nature? I don't honestly mind, because somewhere down the road, it might be a good article to have in my portfolio. I doubt it, but there's always a chance. Many of the others have been useful. But this one just doesn't seem to be one of the ones that will be.

New job content writing. Really really excited.

Need to call Best Buy. My computer just randomly turns off, my battery has five minutes on it when fully charged, and every time it does that, I fear that I'm going to lose everything. Quite obviously, that would be a bad thing.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


For some reason the title of today's post made me think of the movie "Anastasia," when Anastasia is all excited about shopping in Paris. (And who can blame her?)

Yesterday, Melody and I went shopping. We went to "Steve and Barry's" to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line. I have an article on her that I keep meaning to read, I just haven't yet. I like the line, Bitten, because it really does have cute clothes for people of all sizes.

As I am quite chubby, I appreciate that, because generally, by the time I get somewhere, all of the size I can wear are gone, even though the majority of Americans are overweight and can't fit into smalls or extra smalls. However, that wasn't a problem here, and the clothes are actually quite adorable. It makes me especially happy because even though some of the clothes were almost-cute at the store before, there are some actually cute clothes there now. Hurray! However, watch the shoes. They aren't exactly comfortable, and, in my experience at least, much cuter on the hanger than on my feet.

Vanity always has a lot of cute clothes, too, and I was happy that I found a really nice white shirt to buy. (I bought it because it was the only one in the size left, and if i were to wait 'til we return to Fort Wayne next week after I'm paid, it will be gone.) I actually only tried it on as a joke. See, it is really pretty, but really low cut. However, there was a really cute white shirt at Steve and Barry's, but it fit me wrong. You know the type, tight around the chest, tight to the point where you look like you're trying to both hide and accentuate your chest at the same time. Erg.

Anyway, I tried on the Vanity shirt just for kicks. And, suffice it to say, I looked really cute in it. Melody thought so, too. So... I bought it. I'll have to wear something under it, because unlike the model on the website, I'm not completely flat-chested, so my chest will stick out a bit more. Make that a lot more. And somehow, I'm just not okay with that.

In any case, I can't wait until I have money next week. Definitely buying clothes. Hopefully lots of them. Clothes!!!!

(Ooh, and I bought a book. James Rollins is amazing... and I lent the book I bought to either my brother or a not-friend several years ago... so I rebought Amazonia. The first cover was waaaaay cooler, but that's okay. Yay new books!!!)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's time to leave the country. Not actually sure where I would like to go, but it has to be somewhere good. Honduras? That was fun for a week, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't live there. It was... hard to see the Hondurans way of life. Besides, I'd need to learn more Spanish.

France? Sure. Where do I sign up?

Italy? Get me a plane ticket.

Germany? I can't speak German. Try as I might those sounds just don't like me.

Austria? Same problem as with Germany. Though I did looooove Austria.

Australia? Now there's an idea.

Basically, I'm rotting in Indiana. I need something to do, or somewhere to go. And soon, or I'm going to cry.

Nothing good on TV, as I've rejected most of this season's new tv shows. Wait a second, I think I rejected most of last seasons new tv shows, too! What a concept.

Someone needs to enter the entertainment idea who actually has a halfway decent concept for what to do with television. The morons there now are failing miserably. There's a lot of money to be made there! Someone step up! Hurry! Please?