Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's time to leave the country. Not actually sure where I would like to go, but it has to be somewhere good. Honduras? That was fun for a week, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't live there. It was... hard to see the Hondurans way of life. Besides, I'd need to learn more Spanish.

France? Sure. Where do I sign up?

Italy? Get me a plane ticket.

Germany? I can't speak German. Try as I might those sounds just don't like me.

Austria? Same problem as with Germany. Though I did looooove Austria.

Australia? Now there's an idea.

Basically, I'm rotting in Indiana. I need something to do, or somewhere to go. And soon, or I'm going to cry.

Nothing good on TV, as I've rejected most of this season's new tv shows. Wait a second, I think I rejected most of last seasons new tv shows, too! What a concept.

Someone needs to enter the entertainment idea who actually has a halfway decent concept for what to do with television. The morons there now are failing miserably. There's a lot of money to be made there! Someone step up! Hurry! Please?

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