Sunday, June 10, 2007


For some reason the title of today's post made me think of the movie "Anastasia," when Anastasia is all excited about shopping in Paris. (And who can blame her?)

Yesterday, Melody and I went shopping. We went to "Steve and Barry's" to check out Sarah Jessica Parker's new clothing line. I have an article on her that I keep meaning to read, I just haven't yet. I like the line, Bitten, because it really does have cute clothes for people of all sizes.

As I am quite chubby, I appreciate that, because generally, by the time I get somewhere, all of the size I can wear are gone, even though the majority of Americans are overweight and can't fit into smalls or extra smalls. However, that wasn't a problem here, and the clothes are actually quite adorable. It makes me especially happy because even though some of the clothes were almost-cute at the store before, there are some actually cute clothes there now. Hurray! However, watch the shoes. They aren't exactly comfortable, and, in my experience at least, much cuter on the hanger than on my feet.

Vanity always has a lot of cute clothes, too, and I was happy that I found a really nice white shirt to buy. (I bought it because it was the only one in the size left, and if i were to wait 'til we return to Fort Wayne next week after I'm paid, it will be gone.) I actually only tried it on as a joke. See, it is really pretty, but really low cut. However, there was a really cute white shirt at Steve and Barry's, but it fit me wrong. You know the type, tight around the chest, tight to the point where you look like you're trying to both hide and accentuate your chest at the same time. Erg.

Anyway, I tried on the Vanity shirt just for kicks. And, suffice it to say, I looked really cute in it. Melody thought so, too. So... I bought it. I'll have to wear something under it, because unlike the model on the website, I'm not completely flat-chested, so my chest will stick out a bit more. Make that a lot more. And somehow, I'm just not okay with that.

In any case, I can't wait until I have money next week. Definitely buying clothes. Hopefully lots of them. Clothes!!!!

(Ooh, and I bought a book. James Rollins is amazing... and I lent the book I bought to either my brother or a not-friend several years ago... so I rebought Amazonia. The first cover was waaaaay cooler, but that's okay. Yay new books!!!)

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