Friday, May 11, 2007

Stress. It's a killer.

"Don't hang on too long, but don't let go too soon."

Is it a bad thing to be crazy about your ex-boyfriend, find out he's dating - and living with - another girl, and still be crazy about him? (Oh wait! I totally know the answer to that: Yes. It's bad. Bad for your health. Bad for your mental stability, bad for your emotional stability...)
What if he calls you and contacts you and comes over and hangs out? Would that be bad for you, his girlfriend, or neither?
What if you've wanted to hear from him for months, and now, for the first time, you actually have? Where does that put you if he cares for someone else? What if you really are friends - for real - and have a good relationship and don't want that to change, but still want to be with him?

Then, on top of it all, what if you hear from someone you told to never contact you again? Do you tell him that he's still a Monster, that hasn't changed? Do you tell him to bugger off? Do you tell him, "Je sais que tu te trouves le plus beau creation de monde, mais vachement, vous n'etes que d'un salaud laid," or should it be said in English?

Sometimes, everyone deserves to be kicked in the butt. Most of the time, it's just one person who needs to take the brunt for everyone.

To the pain.

Why, oh why, does it all happen at once? One thing at a time! That's all I can handle! I'm a wuss!

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Melody said...

Maybe you can handle it all at once, maybe it's better to get it all over when doctors do multiple surgeries at the same time so you only have to heal once.