Saturday, September 22, 2007

The tally

This is the total from my customer tally today:

Rude: 11

Indifferent: 10

Nice/Polite: 8

Asked me (a photo associate)an electronic or connection center question: 13

My manager saw my tally (when it was in its beginning stages) and laughed... for about ten minutes. Her cheeks turned all red and she started to choke. She made me put it away (until she left) so it wouldn't happen again.

On a happier note, these are pics from painting this morning:

*This post has been edited to reflect the desires of my roomie*


Melody said...

Take that photo down unless you want similar or worse ones to appear on my blog.

Robin Marie said...

it's down. Brat.

Jennifer said...

much better already! I assume the white is just a base coat?

Robin Marie said...

Yep! Primer... I'm sure there'll be more pics later. :)

Melody said...

lol, what-ever