Thursday, January 22, 2009

First In, Last Out

So, Desiree and I are on the way to go skiing with my family, and we're stopped at some town in PA. Right now, we're watching the movie "300." Tons of people told me that I wouldn't like this movie. This is my third or fourth time seeing it, and let me tell you: I'm not disappointed.

Any movie that has men - people - fighting for a cause has my full support. End of story.

But watching this movie with Dez, who's not seen it before, gives me a different perspective on it. She was, frankly, astonished when she realized that the King was fighting on the front lines. The thing, though, is in a culture like that, a nation of soldiers, the King would HAVE to be a soldier. And there was a time where the King was to be the first one into battle and the last one out.

Whatever happened to that mentality? The mentality where if you fight for something YOU fight for it - you don't send someone else to do it for you?

"Freedom isn't free at all. It comes at the highest of costs - the cost of blood."

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