Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Done jiggling our boobs, let's show some leg

I still can't decide what's worse, Sanjaya's need to rely on his hair for votes, or Haley's need to rely on jiggling boobs and long legs. Either way, I can't remember what Haley sang, or how well she sang it. I've arleady forgotten. Most unfortunately, the memory of Sanjaya's hair done up as it was is likely to haunt my nightmares. Both of those things should be bad for both Haley and Sanjaya, but with the way American Idol has been going, it could keep them alive.

The majority of this weeks outfits were slightly less than amazing, but that's okay. Most of the contestants sang very well. And, unlike Sanjaya, most did their hair well, too. Sanjaya, continues to amaze me simply by the number of things that he can't do. Sanjaya however, adds insult to injury in almost every aspect of Tuesday night television. I don't see how someone who sings as terribly as he, has continued in a singing contest.

It's obvious that votefortheworst.com has done its job. So what can the rest of us do? I say we vote for everyone at least once, and then vote for the people we actually liked.

Truth is, no matter how far he gets in this contest, no one is going to give Sanjaya record deal at the end of this. I hope his cocky attitude is ready for that.

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