Thursday, March 8, 2007

Going down to the top 12

My American Idol Review:

The guys:

#1. Blake
-Soooo Hot. (Will you marry me?")
-Did an excellent job; original and fun, and clearly in line with what we know of his personality
-Dressed well, good smile (I think I have a bit of a crush)
-In all honesty (crush aside), I think he was the best of the contestants
-All three American Idol judges also thought he did a good job

#2. Sanjaya
-I think he chose a song that was bad for him, that he didn't do a good job,
-Memorable, but that's not always a good thing
-he looked like a girl - with his done as it was and his glisteningearrings.
-The three American Idol judges weren't terribly fond of his choice either
-The crowd didn't boo the judges. That's bad for Sanjaya

#3. Sundance.
-I think he's done a terrible job, and I don't know how he got this far. Today was no exception
-In addition to his less than amazing song and song choice, he tried to make a joke. It was highly unsuccessful.
-The American Idol judges seemed to like him.

#4. Chris.
-I also think he's cute, and that he has pretty eyes.
-Nice voice, but the song itself was boring. He didn't move around, and he didn't engage the audience. Not terribly impressed.
-I didn't write down what the American Idol judges said, but I believe they think he's "in it to win"

#5. Jared.
-Didn't sing badly, but it wasn't terribly memorable
-The Judges seemed to like him, but Simon said there was no "wow" factor

#6. Brandon.
-Got me moving.
-Good in some parts, bad in others.
-Soothing voice
-The song itself was good, but not memorable, kinda blah.
-The American Idol judges said he was good

#7. Phil.
-Cute (and married)
-Your hat is terrible.
-I like this song, but you made me forget why. As I told Melody and Alice, "I've only heard this song sung by a woman before. She hit all the notes." (One of them added, "That's right, little back up singers. You try to save him." The other said, "We're hurting inside at your song choice.")
-If I remember correctly, he has a good voice. This song was out of his range, or something. Whatever it was, it was bad.
-The American Idol Judges agreed. And to my great joy, Simon mentioned the hat.

#8. Chris S.
-Amazing voice.
-I'm always amazed by the voice that comes out of him. It's unexpected. Lindsay says, "I'm always stunned by his voice."
-Chooses song that fit his range.
-Did a good job, and he knew it.
-The American Idol judges trashed him. Said it wasn't his best.

The Ladies

#1. Jordin
-Did a great job, but got softer where should have BELTED it out (the chorus - Heart Breaker)
-looks cute, pretty smile, energetic
-good ending
-Judges say:
Randy - pitchy, but better than ALL the boys
Paula - says she keeps getting better, energetic, looks good
Simon - shrieky, manic, not strongest performance

#2. Sabrina
-Not bad, but not amazing --- not interesting. Keep my attention! (Get it, first)
-The ending was almost better
-Judges say:
Randy - not favorite song choice, but not enough melody
Paula - gorgeous voice, she can "sing sing sing," energetic
Simon - lacking emotion, a little robotic

#3. Antonella
-She kinda looks slutty
-That aside, doing a pretty good job... being different, making her own, but not keeping quite in line with what she's making it
-My problem: The judges are there to help her, not hurt her, and she's not taking their advice
-Judges say:
Randy - a little pitchy, only okay
Paula - right song choice, watcht the bottom notes
Simon - *speechless* and says others are better

#4. Sabrina
-She has a good voice
-She hit the majority of the notes
-Not wowed, the song's not interesting "It's the kind of thing that would come on the radio, and it would be fine, but I wouldn't remember hearing it
-The Judges say:
Randy - interesting song choice, no "pizzaz"
Paula - polite as usual, says she sang it well, but probably wasn't her favorite song
Simon - thought it was horrible, and ghastly; doesn't feel she's made enough of an impression on the competition

#5. Stephanie
-Strange dresses, not ladylike when wearing them. Please, for all our sakes, learn how to walk in a dress! (Doing better than last week, though)
-Good voice
-It's like she doesn't think she can rely on her voice, so she has to rely on her body, and she has a good voice, so that detracts from it
-Judges say:
Randy - doesn't think quite cuts it, has wow factor
Paula - great job, commanded stage
Simon - one of best, needs to find own individuality

#6. Lakisha
-Great voice, powerful, hit all the notes, beautiful voice
- Looks great, good outfit
Randy - great performance
Paula - loves her
Simon - passion, talent, believability, looks beautiful

#7. Gina
-This song fits her personality, but she doesn't seem to be doing as good a job on it
-Scratchy voice; screaming parts that should be
Ended well, but still not her best
Randy - real Gina comes out, some pitch problems
Paula - real personality, careful to not oversing, style that suits her best
Simon - looks comfortable, screamed at times, but really hope makes it through

#8. Melinda
-Amazing voice. (Just for the record, I love this song. It brings back amusing memories from high school choir, "I'm a Woman" for you other Cary-Grovers. Hah... Dana Floor.)
-Wow. Looks great and sounds great. Also really sweet.
-Hands down, best of the night. "The others did not even touch her."
Randy - hottest one of the night
Paula - full of compliments, loves her
Simon - "You little tiger." Loves it. clearly enjoying herself

And I'll update later so we all know the results...

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is my American Idol Rundown.

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