Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Reaping

Sarah and I went to see "The Reaping" earlier today and it was great.
Katherine (I don't know if it's spelled with a "C" or a "K" in the movie, so we'll go with this) was once an ordained minister of the church. After her husband and daughter (Sarah) were murdered in Sudan by people they were helping, she turned her back on God and dedicated her life to disproving miracles and/or other miraculous occurences. The movie opens with her and a colleague (a black man) researching "miracles" that were occuring somewhere in South America. Her goal is to prove that all miracles have a scientific explanation.

A friend of Katherine, a priest, called her to tell her that her face was burned out of the all of the picures he had of her, and when put together, the shape showed an upside-down sicle. He told her he believed she was in grave danger.

A man comes to the college where Katherine is a professor, and he tells her and her colleague about a problem. He is the science teahcer in his town's school, teaching grades 3-12, and the river has turend red. A girl, Lauren, is seen as the culprit, after she possibly murdered her brother.

Obviously, Katherine goes to check it out. What she finds is the river, 2.5 miles of it, is full of human blood. Frogs and cattle die, lice and flies plague the townspeople. The townspeople say that it's the ten plagues, God's way of purging their town of the terrible people (Lauren and her family) and the terrible, horrible things they do. A very suspicious little town, really. They most definitely believe that this family is out to get them.

Meanwhile, Katherine finds herself mysteriously plagued (hehe) by memories from Africa, with her husband and daughter, and memories of what she'd once had.

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