Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ali and The Boys

Hurray for having reliable internet for the first time in several days!

My puppy, Ali, seems to have made a few friends in the boys, starting with my brother, progressing to my father, and ending with my boyfriend.

Ali and Ken

The first time Ken saw Ali, he scorned her, "I don't like small dogs."
Ten minutes later, he was picking her up, throwing her, petting her, etc. He "borrowed" her and went down to the basement. When he returned her, he said, "I tried to ride her."
I was a little worried. With my brother, you just never know. Later, I asked one of his friends about it. Zach said, "No, he didn't. He threw her and dropped her and made her roll. I would keep him away from the puppy, if I were you."
Well, said, Zach.
The problem is, by then, she already had a puppy crush on him. As soon as she saw him or heard him, her little butt and tail would start wagging like crazy. Then, she would go crazy, jumping around, hopping, pumping herself up for the inevitable playtime.
And then, he was going somewhere, and didn't want to play. She watched him go, with big, sad eyes and then turned her craziness on the rest of us.
I can't break her of it. Merde.

Ali and Dad

My dad thought Ali was cute pretty much immediately. HE liked petting her and holding her and playing with her. He didn't like it when she bit. He helped me come up with a temporary solution. Temporary being the key word.

Ali and Mike

When Mike first saw her, he laughed. "My cats would eat her alive." True story.
Then, when she tried to bite him, he didn't do what Ken did (push her and watch her roll over - I think she liked it), instead he picked her up waaay over his head (like my dad did) and said, "You're a little shit, you know that?

Then, today, before Mike and I were getting ready to go to lunch (I still wasn't ready, and so he played on the computer: go figure), and she bit his toes and he told me, "She's a turd."
"You don't like her?'
"No, I like her. She's cute as hell."
And then she bit his toe again. Sharp baby teeth.

Puppy needs puppy classes.

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