Monday, December 3, 2007

French and Star Trek

I have an adorable boyfriend. Yesterday (Sunday) we were watching a film - Star Trek Insurrection - and at the end, we still had a bit of time before we were meeting up with some of his friends (it was one's birthday), and we were going through the Special Features.

Once those were up, he selected a chapter (I wasn't paying much attention, one of the cats had decided to grace me with its presence), and then waited for me to look up. When I did, it started playing, and I looked back down. Until I heard it in French. I looked up again so quickly I gave myself whiplash. Good job, I know.

I was sooooooo excited, though. He just sat watching my expression until I looked up at him, and then he asked, "Can you understand all of that?"
"Could you understand it all the way through?"
"Tell me what they're saying."

So I translated four or five minutes of the film before we got ready to go to with the others. It was fun.

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