Thursday, January 24, 2008

Relationships And the Crazy Way They Change

Do you remember your best friend from high school? Are you still friends? What about junior high friends? Still friends with them? Were you friends with them in high school?
A girl I was best friends with in junior high, "friends" with in high school and friends with in college is having her birthday tomorrow. I haven't talked to her much since last year, when she told me she and her husband were two weeks pregnant. She's had her baby... a little boy. I haven't talked to her in months... not since before the baby was born.
Best friends to... barely friends.
I mean, what do I say to her when I call her up tomorrow? Happy Birthday... congratulations on the kid?
Maybe, like last year, she won't be home and won't call me back. I realize it's terrible that I feel that way, but I do.
I know she won't respond to email, she doesn't have a Xanga (hubby asked her to give them up after she got married so ex-boyfriends couldn't get ahold of her), which leaves only the phone. Phones are awkward... really awkward.
Here's to relationships... and trying to figure them out.

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Melody said...

At least you call. My only communication with my bestfriends in highschool have been a yearly phone call to one and a couple myspace messages with another.