Friday, May 30, 2008

The Big Kaboom

It's amazing the way some people are so determined to sabotage themselves. They might start out doing things right, but sooner or later, they do something, and even when they recover, it starts them down a whole line of one thing after another that they can't seem to overcome...

I guess there are three types of people in the world, and I know this is waaaaay over-simplifying it, but that's what I'm doing for the purposes of this post.
Person 1: Messes up, asks for and receives forgiveness, moves on
Person 2: Messes up, asks for and receives forgiveness, keeps falling into the same old pattern
Person 3: Messes up, doesn't ask for forgiveness.

I think the worst thing for people is when they use there problem as a crutch, or act like it's something they can't help: "It's not my fault I like sticking knives into people and removing their skin. When I was a kid, I stepped on a nail and now, I can't help it."

And it doesn't help when they haven't forgiven themselves. Sometimes, the matter can be resolved with the injured party, God will have forgiven them, but they can't get past it, and they dig themselves deeper in the hole and keep doing the same thing over and over again... where does it end?

Funny how people see these problems coming - on there own. But they don't do anything about it. Then, when something happens, in exactly the way they predicted, they wonder how that could be.

Here's to 1am phone calls from tearful, distraught friends. Melody, we might have a visitor sometime soon...

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