Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm watching "The Mask of Zorro," with Melody, and I must admit, I simply love this movie.
I have two favorite parts, and I can never determine which part is my favorite, because during the dance scene, that's my favorite part, and during the fight scene, that's my favorite part.
In both of these scenes, it fixes on Catherine Zeta Jones as Elaina and Antonio Banderas as Alejandro.

Since I just saw the dance scene, it's currently my favorite part, so I figure I should hurry up and comment on it.

I love the way that Alejandro subtly plays with the Captain, making little digs and being an all-around pain in the butt. However, though he keeps his tone fairly neutral, we all know that really he's thinking horrible things about him.

And then, there's the actual dance with Elaina. He suggests a faster-paced dance, and Elaina agrees, making a light joke.
I love Elaina's adopted father's reaction to the way they are dancing. Horror fills his whole visage, and I just love it. Melody asked, "Why did her father let her learn this dance in her schooling?"
Something tells me he didn't know she learned it. In any case, he was horrified, and Alejandro wisely lays the blame at her feet.
Her birth father's reaction, though, is completely different. You can see on his (Anthony Hopkins) face that the fact that his daughter is spirited thrills him. You can tell that he enjoyed watching her dance, because she enjoyed it.

I wonder why that is. Is it because she reminds him of her mother? Is it because he didn't raise her, so he doesn't feel the paternal instincts so strongly? Is it because he likes the idea of Alejandro and Elaina together?

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