Monday, October 29, 2007

Close to finishing!!

The living room is painted!

Okay, so that's a lie. But half of it is. And that half looks amazing.

There's something amazing about having a clean area to live in, not-white-walls, and floor space.

And today the couch arrived. At first, I wasn't liking the way the colors went together, but now (with the sun hitting it differently, perhaps), I like it just fine.

Clearly, we have to finish painting today. And cleaning. Yes, it would also be good to finish cleaning.

When the couch guy came with the couch, he flattered me with, "You
have such a little voice. I thought you were about five when you answered the phone."

Gee, thanks, buddy.

Then, the other guy says, "I bet it happens all the time."

And then the first guy says, "So people tell you all the time that you sound like your four, huh?" Doh.


Melody said...

It does look nice! Hurray!

Those deliver men were idiots though! Good grief.

When Holly worked at Domino's people always though she was older than she was (15). They always seemed to forget that they were calling for pizza rather than a date.

Emily said...

That would be annoying.

I think I have a similar problem. I heard myself on the answering machine the other week and was horrified.