Monday, October 8, 2007

More pics of the house

I hate Fed Ex, and from now on I will be using only UPS. More on that later, once I know the results of tonight's conversation.

In the meantime, I will honor my father's request for pictures of the house. Here are some pics posted a few days ago, and here are some from the day I bought the house.

The dagger I bought at RenFest

And then there are the latest pics.

my bedroom so far...

A peek into the guest bedroom

Bear in mind that the house is still a mess as we are in the middle of unpacking and have been hindered by our recent plumbing problems. Yes, there are basement pics, too.

Clearly, the washer and dryer

So, if anyone has any advice as per whom to hire, what to look at, or how to fix it, it would be worth it.

water in the basement

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Melody said...

Mmm - do we have much more water in the basement today?