Friday, February 15, 2008

The 2008 Chicago Auto Show

Last Sunday, Mike and I took the train to the Chicago Auto Show. It was a long long long day, but it was truly amazing. I've never actually been much of a car person. I mean, I can look at a car and say, "Wow, that car looks nice," but it took my miata (which is sadly, no longer mine) for me to truly understand how amazing cars can be. In short, now I love cars, making this a truly fantastic experience.

I've included some pics - and we were there for five hours and didn't see it all. These are some of my favorites. These are the new Suzuki trucks. I love love love the color of the green one.

This the semi that Mike loved. He saw it, and I'd just heard an announcement about getting a coupon for $500 off a new car. Since I'm planning on buying a car this summer, that caught my interest, and I said, "Honey, we should go check that out."
"Okay, whatever..." and then, a second later, "I need... I want... I have no idea what you said."
I looked at him, and his eyes were GLUED to this semi. "Okay, we can go look."
He pulled my camera from around my neck, gave me his drink and said, "Let's trade."

And then we saw the army vehicles and spent a LOT of time taking pics there.

Seriously, we were at the auto show for five hours and didn't see everything. If you're interested in heading out there, the train tickets are about $18 roundtrip to Chicago from Southbend, tickets for the show are $10 apiece, and food inside is EXPENSIVE - bring a lunch. This is the last weekend (February 16 and 17) to see it, and it's totally worth it.

Now, if you want to see the rest of my pictures, you can go to any of these three links, which will take you to albums one, two and three of my facebook picture collections. I'd put more up here, but this has taken forever.

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