Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Can't Sleep

I can't sleep. I'm not sure why. I'm tired. But when I was in bed, the puppy curled up next to me in a state of exhaustion, I couldn't sleep. One of the good things about working from home is that if, in the middle of the night, I realize I can't sleep, I can find something to work on. Then, I can sleep in or whatever later.

The worst part about not being able to see my former computer's screen is I can't save my files. That means that I have files, bookmarked pages and other things that I can't get to, through no fault of my own. And it's obnoxious. Especially when trying to apply for writing jobs. Sample? What's that? Why a sample? Oh dear.

Now I'm rambling, proof that I'm tired. Which makes it all the more frustrating that I can't sleep.

Maybe I should watch another Disney movie.

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