Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love traditions, even if they're not really traditions.

Every Thanksgiving from high school on, I have spent the night at Bethany's house (except the year I was in Paris), and then, the next day, we've gone to the Turkey Bowl.

Last night was no exception. Slurpee run, movie accompanied by work, a walk, another movie, and sleep. Turkey Bowl in the morning.

Traditions have a comfort in them, even if they're odd traditions.

Best quote from the Turkey Bowl this morning, "Bethany, you look like a Smurf!"
That quote, in and of itself is hilarious, but the thing that got me laughing: she was wrapped in a red blanket.

Congratulations, Drewie!

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Melody said...

Hurray for fun traditions and amusing comments.

Bethy won quote of the day yesterday, "Melody, stop it! You're hurting Holly when I kick her!"