Tuesday, November 6, 2007


It has been an incredibly long week. I'm writing for some new blogs for work!
www.famezee.com: celebrity gossip blog
www.celebzee.com: a look at the positive things celebrities are doing
www.hottogs.com: Hot and trendy things in the world of fashion
www.popsofa.com: a combination of hottogs and famezee
www.tenfootsquare.com: a travel blog
tv.popcrunch.com: a look at different television shows

I'm doing a lot of work. But I like it, so that's good, right?

And now, I need to decide where I'm going with the Novel...


Melody said...

You need to edit your links so that they don't have www.robinmariewords.blogspot.com infront of the address of what you're linking too.

Hottogs has a lovely set-up. It makes me so happy to see you writing for a well designed blog! Plus - really cute trenchcoats. Really cute.

Robin Marie said...

Oops. thanks. They're fixed now.

I like that blog set-up, too. My boss has been really hoping "viewers" will, too.

Emily said...

Wow! It looks like you're really going on those!