Sunday, January 21, 2007

can one return a ladder?

I do the dumbest things, all of the time. It seems to be a family trait, for evidently my cousin does the same thing. But that's besides the point.
Yesterday, I went to a friend's house, and locked my door on the way out, of course forgetting my keys, as I am apt to do. Now, because I'm aware of my inability to remember my keys, a friend has a copy. She got in a car accident this week. While she borrowed my car, I borrowed her key to my apartment, and I still have it.
So, when I returned home (in desperate need of a toilet), I nearly panicked. I tried Ace Hardware. It was closed. (This is the one bad thing about small towns. Well, one of the bad things. Everything closes early - it was only 7:30!) I tried Pamida. Also closed. I again considered trying to find a ladder, I could steal, but it was more of a flightful fancy than anything I'd actually try.
I drove back to Warsaw, calling my friend on the way so she could find out for me which stores had ladders for the best price, and what time their Ace closed. 8. I'd be late.
As I pulled up to Walmart, I realized that Lowe's was open, and I could probably go there, if need be. However, it wasn't necessary, as I bought a ladder at Walmart (after using the restroom). I found room for it in my car, and drove back to the apartment. I placed the ladder against the balcony and climbed up.
It was a good two feet short, and as I climbed the ladder, it shook slightly. I stood on the top part (where you're not supposed to stand), and clutched the wood rails of the balcony. While climbing, I reminded myself that I'm not afraid of heights. And at the top, about to pull myself over, I said, in French, "Tu n'as pas peur! C'est simple!" I laughed as I stepped onto the balcony... I only console myself in French if I'm really pissed or really scared. Up and over, I opened the door and let myself in. (This is only one of the reasons I do not lock my balcony door.)
Ahh, yes. So now, the question remains: can I return the ladder, or do I have to keep it?

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