Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Randomness and subbing

grapefruit. a scary castle in the middle of a lake that no one can get to. a trap. disappearances. murders.

With my dvd player out of orer, I have all the time in the world to concentrate on exactly what I want to concentrate on: writing. It's too bad I need noise to do that.

For a distraction, I'm making yogurt and maybe baguettes if I get that far.

I subbed at the Middle School today. I'm so glad I was never a Junior High boy, I'd hate to think I was ever as obnoxious as they were.

One young man (I didn't catch any of their names as I was subbing for a woman who is more of a teacher's aid for the students who struggle in school), started out by introducing his friends as "Fagbag" and "Moron." He then insisted he was trying to help me get the others to read (it was the 20-minute silent reading time. I was utilizing it to remember "The Giver." Great book).

Once we returned to class, I sat beside the three boys, who insisted on talking, poking one another, and being all-around pains. "Miss, he touched me!" "You touched him first. After I told you to stop touching him. Three times." He had surprisingly long nails, I noticed. Long even for a girl. I was almost jealous. How sad is that?
"But I can't help it!" "I don't care whether you can help it or not. You're supposed to be following along in the book."
"I am." I already knew he wasn't, having caught a glimpse of the top of the page. "Really? Which page are we on?" He gave me a look. "12." "No." "13." "No." "15?" "No. 14. Now follow along." "I was close!" "READ!"
His friend (the one he'd called Moron), had just thrown a pencil at the teacher. He was moved. While the teacher was admonishing him, one student kicked another one. The one that got kicked asked, "How do you always do that when he's not looking?" (Okay, honestly, I almost laughed at that, because the kid who got kicked was the only kid in the class paying attention AT ALL, and somehow he kept getting in trouble.)
I don't know why Middle School Boys exist. All they do is make life miserable for everyone else...


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