Thursday, January 25, 2007


I'm editing a story I wrote when I was sixteen. The dialogue is good. Mostly. The characterization isn't bad. I use the word "that" too much, and the passive voice is even worse. The plot's solid. Everything needs work, though. Sometimes I simplify too much. And then I over-explain other things.

It's called "The Curse of True Love." I was watching "Sex and the City" earlier and "Carrie" brought up an interesting point. She said something about love not looking the way we imagined it would in high school. True, obviously. But I think the movie, "Love Actually" has an equally valid point. Love is all around, and anyone can be in love.

I think that we have a hard time identifying what love is, because as a culture, as a society, we associate love with things that love is not.

I like that butterfly feeling. That doesn't mean it's love. I like hugs and kisses (the chocolate kind, too), and I guess, like anyone else, I like the idea of being in love.

I think love hurts. I don't think love is any more perfect than anything else. That's one of the things I love about that movie ("Love Actually"). Love pops up in unexpected places and it doesn't always work out. People are honest about how they feel, and they are pretty terrible sometimes, too.

I need to sub tomorrow. Well, today, I guess. Friday. Only a halfday, but it's for 6th grade Language Arts. Hopefully, we're doing something like a play, where I can assign the ones the ones that keep talking a big part. :)

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