Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Search for the Perfect Job

I had an interview the other day, and on my way there, I was struck by how I really didn't want to go to it. It's not for a position I'm interested in, nor is it for a company that I particularly care about, nor is it for some.thing I have any desire to do.
While driving to the interview (an hour and a half from where I live!), I thought about the jobs I AM interested in. For some reason, they all seem to involve spending money in order to receive information about the job. In other words, I have to pay a potential employer to give me information about a job that I may not be interested in pursuing.
The last time I received that email, the woman explaineed that this is so that the employer can test to see if the potential employee is truly interested. How can I be interested in a job if I don't know what it entails? That's like giving your credit card to a stranger.
Actually, in today's society, it is like giving your credit card to a stranger.
It makes me think of a conversation I had with a friend's daughter while I was studying abroad in Paris during Nuite Blanche. (Nuite Blanche, though it literally translates to "white night" actually refers to a night of insomnia. In this case, the whole City stays up all night, with light shows and chemical snow and concerts and free food and all kinds of fun things.) While we were walking through Centre les Halles, we spotted a homeless man, setting up his bed for the night. Claire tugged on the hand she'd been holding. "Robin," she asked in English, "Why is that man sleeping there?"
I thought a moment, trying to figure out how to explain to an almost-nine-year-old the concept of homelessness. I finally told her that he didn't have money or a house, and so he slept there, where it was warm, and where people wouldn't bother him.
She looked at me and very astutely asked me, "Why doesn't he find a job?"
Before I answered, she interrupted me, "Well, does it cost money to get a job?"
"No, it does not," I told her, shrugging.
But that's where we're headed.

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