Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I miss Europe so much. Talking to a friend on AIM just makes me miss it more. I miss the old buildings, the people, the bustling, the roads, and the efficient transportation system.
Ironically, I even miss not being able to smile because someone will inevitably take it the wrong way.
One day, in my phonetics class in Paris, we were discussing terms for different buildings and things. Somehow, the class got distracted (this only happened about once a day or so), and someone was asking about building in Paris, and she explained how there are no buildings built within the confines of Paris (currently) for various reasons. Someone pointed at the building across the street from us, and commented on how old and majestic it was. She laughed, "That? That buildings only 300 years old! It's young! Not even worth talking about!" The Americans in the room looked at one another guiltily, feeling stupid.

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